What Do We Teach Our Kids In A Tumultous World

Homeschooling is 99% Parenting

There is a lot of parenting that overlaps with homeschooling. Many of my clients who ask for homeschooling help, are really struggling with parenting issues; they go hand in hand. Parenting is hard. None of us really have any idea what we’re doing, but in most cases, we try our best. We don’t always get it right. Each of our children are different and must be parented differently. Perhaps its years of wisdom, or maybe it’s just personality, or maybe even the circumstances before us, that determine our parenting. Some respond to structure, others do not. Some are sensitive, and others are strong willed. Still others are quiet and some are outspoken. After three kids and twenty years, I wish I knew the secret. But I’m getting by day by day, like all of you. What is a parent to do?  What do we teach our kids in a tumultous world?

Our kids are watching.

Our kids see everything we do. They see our reactions and problem solving skills. They see when things break our hearts, and when great joy overwhelms us.
Social media has been hard lately. Friends are weary and tired of mine and other’s political posts. Many of our children are on social media too, and see the state of our country and how we treat one another when we don’t agree on stances, leadership, or basic human kindness. But instead of seeing social media posts as annoying or irritating, there are bigger lessons we can teach our kids. The great joy is that our kids (and adults) don’t have to agree with us on reasons, but instead can look for the intent and conviction behind each post.

I Hope They Know

I hope my kids know that when I march, the lesson is; “My mom is a strong leader.”
I hope my kids know that when I speak out, no matter the topic, that the lesson is; “My mom speaks for those who can’t.”
I hope my kids know that when I help the disadvantage, that the lesson is; “My mom’s heart breaks when others hurt, so she helps.”
I hope my kids know that when I protest, that the lesson is; “My mom advocates for basic human rights.”
I hope my kids know that when I post all the things on social media that are disheartening and discouraging, that the lesson is; “My mom must be struggling to make sense of a tumultous world.”
I hope my kids know that when I voice concerns, that the lesson is; “My mom can both support people/stances and hold them to ethical standards.”
I hope my kids that when I am hammering away at something I see as an injustice, that the lesson is: “My mom is strong in her convictions. She doesn’t give up.”
I hope my kids know that when I start posting recipes or kitten memes, that the lesson is; “My mom is tired too, and probably needs some levity.”

The Wish

My kids don’t need to believe in everything that I do. In fact, I hope they don’t. I’ve raised them to be strong and independent. I do hope that they carry those lessons with them throughout life and no matter our stance; that we will always rise up and be convicted in their own choices.
Happy Homeschooling,
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