The Start Homeschooling Summit

Why Attend the Start Homeschooling Summit?

Between the Holidays and the flu, I was just about knocked out for a few weeks. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend. So let me tell you about the Start Homeschooling Summit.

If January has left you in a funk with homeschooling, I’ve got just the thing to pull you out of that winter fog, and into clarity. If you are needing homeschooling support, or don’t know where to begin, The Start Homeschooling Summit is your ticket to freedom…AND it’s FREE to sign-up.

How? Enter your email here and join us from February 19th through the 24th.

 Here’s what you get when you sign up for the Start Homeschooling Summit.

During the Summit you will join me, and 28 other incredible Homeschool Influencers from 4 continents, for 34 Workshops, over the course of 6 six days.

The most amazing thing about this summit is that it is absolutely FREE, simply by entering your email in the link provided above.

The Start Homeschooling Summit will have both live, and prerecorded webinars & workshops like my Live Presentation of Homeschooling-Getting Past the Fear. Included in my live workshop is a workbook that will help you dive deep into your fears about homeschooling. Whether you are brand new to homeschooling, or have been in it for several years; my no-nonsense approach to Getting Past the Fear will help you not only in homeschooling, but in all aspects of life.

Want To Learn More?

Click the photo below to watch the video about the Start Homeschooling Summit.

The Start Homeschooling Summit

Something for Everyone

The Start Homeschooling Summit will also have other incredible workshops and webinars, to help you in any stage of your homeschooling journey.

Workshops like:

  • Learning styles and approaches to homeschooling,
  • Unit studies and self-directed education,
  • Figuring out the confusing highschool years.
  • Technology in your homeschool,
  • Nature Studies, choosing curriculum, and learning to balance it all.

You don’t want to miss a thing!

Give Me the Deets!

Each webinar during the Summit will be available for 48 hours only, but if you prefer to listen and work through the webinars at your own pace, there is an amazing upgrade for only $98.00. The upgrade will give you lifetime access to All 34 webinars, FOREVER.

Plus, when you purchase the upgrade, you’ll get a HUGE bundle of extra resources! Everything from e-books, to workbooks, to more workshops! The value of the bonuses alone, is worth more than the cost of the upgrade.

Of course, There Will Be a Steep Discount!

Beginning February 5th, I’ll be sending along links so that you can purchase the upgrade for 60% OFF full price. (That’s $58.80 instead of $98). That’s one serious bargain!

I hope you can join me for my LIVE webinar on February 19th at 1pm EST, and for all of the amazing resources all week!

So, What Do YOU Need To Do?

  • Sign up here for Summit. It’s FREE. Signing up will put you on the mailing list so that you get notified of all the discounts and extra bonuses. 
  • Share this post with other homeschoolers, & among your homeschooling groups, and social media, as much as you can. Pin to Pinterest. Share on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook!
  • Join me email list at , grab the freebie at the top of the page, and you will get first notification of ALL upcoming sales.

As A Special Bonus…

As a special bonus, anyone who signs up for my email list, will receive $75 off my Gold Coaching Package.

It’s a great way to get even more 1:1 homeschooling support, and perfect for homeschooling parents who want the benefits of using a homeschool coach.

Check In Often…

Check back on my Facebook page often for updates, and watch your email for special coupons for discounted prices for the upgrade.

I hope to see you at the summit!

Happy Homeschooling everyone!


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