Group Coaching or Workshops

Coaching is so much better with friends! Homeschool groups, conference organizers, online summits, leaders and support groups find my workshops or group coaching a perfect, budget friendly fit.

  • Minimum 20 participants required.
  • Larger workshops for additional cost (to cover materials).
  • Topic of your choice.
  • Minimum one hour workshop (depending on topic).

 The following mandatories are in addition to workshop fees:

  • Microphone/speaker system.
  • Travel, Lodging, Meals, Expenses for 2 people if more than 50 miles outside my home area.
  • Extra materials fee not included. I will provide a per-person materials fee if needed for workshop.
  • Author Book signing/sales/distribution of PR material after event.
  • Book review/PR/linkbacks in your social media outlets.

Topics may include:

  • Starting to Homeschool.
  • Organizing Your Homeschool.
  • Homeschooling Through Highschool.
  • College Preparation for the Homeschooled Student.
  • Burnout.
  • Choosing Curriculum.
  • Special Needs Homeschooling.
  • Self-Care.
  • Homeschooling Multiple Children.
  • Getting Past the Fear of Homeschooling.
  • Deschooling.
  • Dealing with Naysayers.
  • Starting a Homeschool Group or Cooperative Program.
  • Planning Your Homeschool Day.
  • Homeschooling While Working.
  • Organizing Your Homeschool Space.
  • Homeschooling Multiple Grade Levels.
  • Homeschooling Through Illness.

Have an Idea? Just ask!

Public/Keynote Speaking

Homeschool groups, leaders or those needing a keynote speaker, find Bev’s expertise and humor, both engaging and inspirational. She has spoken many times across the U.S. and would be happy to craft a dynamic speech for your event.

Keynote speaking engagements are scheduled at least three months in advance, and are available to small or large crowds at a secured venue of your choice.

The following mandatories are in addition to Keynote/public speaking fees:

  • Microphone/speaker system (Lavalier microphone/speaker for large crowds).
  • Travel, Lodging, Meals, Expenses for 2 people.
  • Vendor Booth, when possible.
  • Author Book Signing/sales/distribution of PR material after key note speech.
  • Book review/speaking PR in your media outlets.

Please contact Bev at for your individualized quote, or to speak further about speaking engagements.

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