I need help getting started…

Fast-Track Coaching Package

is a one-time coaching session that can help parents with simple adjustments to their homeschool program. If you have multiple areas needing tweaking, or need curriculum help, please utilize Knee-Deep Coaching, which is better suited to homeschooling needs that need more in-depth research and review.


  • Best for families who are unsure of the coaching process and want to give it a try.
  • Best for families just beginning their homeschooling journey.
  • Client Questionnaire.
  • 30 minute/1:1 video-coaching session.
  • Addition to our email list filled with helpful homeschooling information.

Knee-Deep Coaching Package

is a match for families needing more support and direction that cannot be answered in one session. It is best for families with a few specific road-blocks, those beginning their journey, or who need a homeschool revamp. Those requiring curriculum direction should choose this package


  • Client Questionnaire.
  • 45 Minute Initial Video conferencing call.
  • Two/30-minute follow-up video conferencing calls.
  • All video calls are recorded and sent to you for review.
  • Addition to our email list filled with helpful homeschooling information.
  • Detailed summary report with suggestions and steps to move forward.

All-Access Consulting Package:

Perfect for discerning parents who want the best for their children, and who wish to make a significant commitment and investment in their children’s educational future. All-Access is the place to be if you know the value a good coach can bring to home education.

All-Access is a terrific choice for world travelers, sailing families, and those who need a coach to come to them.

All-Access is the ultimate package in

personalized, homeschool consulting.

This one-year program will give your homeschool a solid foundation with unlimited support.

  • Door-to door, “concierge” service.
  • Client questionnaire.
  • 1:1 Homeschool Coaching.
  • Access to my private email/phone (during regular business hours).
  • 1, in-person visit to your home, anywhere in the world. (Extra in-person visits available for additional fees).
  • Weekly recorded video conferencing coaching/check-in, if needed.
  • Emails filled with helpful homeschooling information.
  • Monthly summaries of our visits.
  • A signed copy of my book, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey.
  • Automatic enrollment in the Homeschool for Success Program during consulting time.

Nothing is more important than your children’s home education.

Make the decision today to put fear aside, and work with a homeschool coach.

Together, we will put a strong foundation in place and help you to make your dream of homeschooling come true!

*Beverly’s clients are from all faith backgrounds. A person’s faith is a very personal decision in a homeschoolers life, and each person should decide what fulfils them.  However, science curricula and programs should present the accepted facts, principles, models, and theories explaining how the natural and physical world works as recommended by scientists. Science curricula and programs that exclude or misrepresent scientific facts, principles, models, or theories, will not be recommended in curriculum consults. History curriculum recommendations will also not endorse religious beliefs, texts, philosophies, and teachings as factual.

If you are in need of a religious curriculum, Bev can refer you to other coaches that can best fulfill that need.

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