Let’s Get Started!

Choosing a Homeschool Coach is a very personal decision and one that requires a lot of heart and soul. 

The first step in Homeschool Coaching is to book your FREE 20-Minute Discovery Call. This first call is a requirement for all new and prospective clients. The Discovery Call is time for me to hear a bit about your background, current needs, and if my coaching will be a good fit for you and your family. The Discovery Call is NOT a time to begin coaching. In fact, I’d be leery of any coach who offered 20-minutes of coaching on a first phone call. If you have a quick question about homeschooling, or are stuck on a particular topic, you can join our group-Homeschool for Success for even more support.

Truth be told, my coaching is not a match for every family. Sometimes, I will refer you to another coach. That may happen if I am fully booked with other clients and won’t be able to attend to a coaching session in the near future, or if our philosophies about homeschooling are too far apart. In some instances, I can put you on a wait list, or schedule your coaching at a later date if my calendar is full. If we are a match for working together, I’ll send you all the information you need to get started on a clear path to homeschooling. 

Bev works with only a few clients each month to provide you with the best experience. Working with Bev is a unique experience. Be prepared to be challenged, inspired, and excited to start your homeschool year!

* Parents who have children enrolled in an online public school or all online curriculum program should receive support services from those programs. Due to the strict nature of these programs, Bev’s coaching would not be appropriate. 

What is required of you?

  • Commitment to the process. Be open to new ideas. Enjoy exploring new ways of learning and implementing the advice, ideas, and processes that I provide to you.
  • A desire to provide home education for your children. 
  • Involvement in the homeschool plan. That means reviewing the documents and suggestions sent to you and asking your most pressing homeschool questions.
  • Scheduling your appointments in the time frame required. (Due to time commitments with other clients, Bev is unable to extend coaching sessions beyond the three month mark for Gold Coaching Clients. Platinum clients should schedule their weekly check-ins on the same day/time each week).
  • Know that your coach is here for YOU and your family. Make the most out of the experience!

*Bev is an international secular homeschooling coach and as such will only provide secular curriculum resources. If you are in need of religious material or coaching, she will be happy to refer you to someone who will better suit your preferences. Secular curricula recommendations will provide the accepted principles and theories, utilized and recommended by practicing experts in the areas of science and history. All other subject matter recommended will be of a secular nature.

 Ten Easy Steps to Coaching…

The first steps to my coaching services are easy.

1| Book a Discovery Call so we can discuss your needs, my fees, what coaching package might work best for you, and get all the particulars out of the way.

2| If you are interested in moving ahead with coaching, I’ll send you a proposal with the package of your choice that outlines what is included, the fee for coaching, and any additional “add-ons” and fees you requested. 

3| Once the proposal is reviewed, I’ll send you my Terms & Conditions (aka-“the contract”) to sign off on. A clear contract protects both client and coach, and clarifies my privacy policy, payment options, cancelations, and timeline. 

4| Along with the contract, you’ll be able to submit your payment for the package of your choice. 

5| Once the business end of things is all completed, then comes the fun stuff! You will receive a link to complete my comprehensive questionnaire. The questionnaire helps me learn about your family, your children’s needs, your philosophy on homeschooling, and other things that will help me choose the BEST resources and direction for you. Some parents find this fun, and others may be stressed. The questionnaire explores many things surrounding homeschooling and education. There may be questions you have never considered before. Rest assured, it’s okay to not have the answers. We will work through the unknowns during our coaching sessions. 

6| The questionnaire will take me about one week to review. This time allows me to start gathering some resources and formulate some further questions for you.

7| At the same time your questionnaire is sent, you will receive a link to my online scheduling calendar. You can schedule your first coaching session about one week out after completing the questionnaire.

8| All of the coaching sessions are completed via a video conferencing app. It’s safe and easy to use, and you will receive instructions on how to complete this step. If you have a spouse/partner/or significant other who will be helping you on your homeschool journey, please let me know so I can invite them to the session as well! 

9| If you have purchased the Gold Coaching Package, your specialized coaching will be complete in three months, and you will be provided with a start and completion date. You may schedule all four appointments at the same time through my scheduling app. If you have purchased the Platinum Coaching Package, you may schedule your weekly sessions for one month at a time. I do prefer the same meeting time each week if possible. 

10| Lastly, have fun! Ask questions-prepare ahead of time for our session if possible. Your child and you likely have lots of questions that I can help with. I want your experience to be fun and exciting!

10.5| (Yes I know I said 10!). If you loved my services, please refer your friends, share your joy on social media, and be sure to fill out the testimonial that I send at the conclusion of our sessions. If you found areas where I could improve, please tell me. I strive for customer satisfaction, and your valued input will help me make others experiences even better!

Coaching Options…

Silver Coaching Package

The Silver Coaching Package is a one-time coaching session that can help parents with simple adjustments to their homeschool program. If you have multiple areas needing tweaking, please utilize the Gold Coaching Package, which is better suited to homeschooling needs that need more in-depth research and review.

  • Best for families who are unsure of the coaching process and want to give it a try.
  • Best for families just beginning their homeschooling journey.
  • Client Questionnaire.
  • 1 hour/1:1 video-coaching session.
  • Addition to our email list filled with helpful homeschooling information.
  • Book your FREE Discovery Call to learn more.
  • $156.00

Gold Coaching Package

The Gold Coaching Package is a match for families needing more support and direction that cannot be answered in one session. It is best for families with a few specific road-blocks, those beginning their journey, or who need a homeschool revamp.

  •  Client Questionnaire.
  • Coaching sessions are completed within 3 months.
  • Three-45 minute conferencing calls/One 45 minute follow-up call.
  • 24 Page Homeschool Toolkit.
  • A signed copy of my book, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey.
  • Book your FREE Discovery Call to schedule.
  • $497.00

Platinum Consulting Package

Perfect for discerning parents who want the ultimate support in their homeschool journey.

My Platinum Consulting Package is the premium

package in personalized, homeschool consulting.

This six-month coaching program will give your homeschool a solid foundation with unlimited support.

  • Concierge service on your homeschool journey.
  • My 24 page Homeschooler’s Toolkit. Everything you need for a successful year of homeschooling.
  • 1:1 Homeschool Coaching.
  • Access to my private email/phone (during regular business hours).
  • Weekly 30-minute recorded video conferencing coaching/check-in, if needed.
  • A signed copy of my book, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey.
  • *Bev works with a limited number of Platinum Coaching Clients. Platinum Coaching is a customized coaching package and pricing will be dependent on client needs. Potential clients will be sent a detailed questionnaire prior to price quote. Book your FREE Discovery Call to discuss if the Platinum Coaching Package is a match for your needs.

Nothing is more important than your children’s home education.

Make the decision today to put fear aside, and work with a homeschool coach.

Together, we will put a strong foundation in place and help you to make your dream of homeschooling come true!

*Beverly’s clients are from all faith backgrounds. A person’s faith is a very personal decision in a homeschooler’s life, and each person should decide what fulfils them.  However, all homeschooling programs, curricula and apps, recommended in my coaching, will present the theories as recommended by scientists, and not by faith beliefs.

If you are in need of a religious curriculum, Bev can refer you to other coaches that can best fulfill that need.

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