Nothing is more important than your child’s education.

Through the years, my husband and I have done many home renovations. While we know basic skills like sheet-rocking and painting, we’ve had to call for professional help with things like electrical and plumbing, when new construction and repairs were beyond our knowledge. Much like you’d call a professional electrician, or even a fitness coach; a homeschool coach can assist you in finding resources, troubleshooting tough issues, and help you plan for the future.

I give you the tools.

You make the commitment and time to get it done!

When you choose homeschooling, you make a deep commitment to learning.  My services will help you better understand your family’s educational goals, and personal philosophy, so that a strong foundation is in place from day one.

My no-nonsense coaching approach, will help answer many questions you have about how to help your child. I am devoted to helping parents discover how to best help their children become motivated, self-reliant, and most importantly, confident in their learning. I break down many of the stumbling blocks home educators are faced with, and provide practical, easily digestible solutions, customized for your family’s particular needs.

My coaching is all about you.

The ultimate goal is for you to achieve homeschooling empowerment, in a way that is meaningful to you.


Bev is an incredible coach. Homeschooling can be overwhelming at times. Bev’s personal experience, vast knowledge, and calm demeanor always leave me feeling confident. She lends amazing perspective. Bev doesn’t just cheer me on, she moves me forward, by helping me solve problems and providing clear next steps.

– Marie

What I Can Give—

ABSOLUTE clarity in your homeschool journey. Whether you need help in getting started homeschooling, choosing curriculum, organizing your homeschool day, dealing with burnout, or homeschooling through highschool, I can help set you on a path to success.

My clients are passionate, highly motivated, purpose driven, and want the best educational outcome for their child. If you are committed to your child’s education, I’d love to work with you. I work with discerning clients who want the best for their children and for their children’s education.

Empowering new homeschoolers is what I love to do.

Get ready to feel inspired, supported and empowered in YOUR homeschool journey.

Not everyone is ready to make the commitment to homeschool. We may not be a match to work together if you hope that a homeschool coach will do all the work for you, or if you expect overnight results. Homeschooling is a commitment that requires parents to go with the flow, and to be open to changes and trying new things. I’m not a tutor, marriage counselor, or homeschool evaluator. I thrive on positivity, so no negative-nelly’s in my world!

There are no failures in life, only lessons to be learned!

I invite you to explore the links below to see what coaching package might be a match for your needs. If you still aren’t sure, contact me for a FREE discovery call and I’ll get you started on the right path.

If you are inquiring about keynote speaking or workshops, you can contact me at [email protected]

Nothing is more important than your children’s home education.

Make the decision today to put fear aside, and work with a homeschool coach. Together, we will put a strong foundation in place and help you to make your dream of homeschooling come true!

If you are inquiring about keynote speaking or workshops

you can contact me at [email protected]

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