Coaching at Your Fingertips

A new season is upon us, and I’ve been reflecting on how to meet more homeschoolers needs. How do I do that? Let’s start with Coaching at Your Fingertips!

This month- it’s a huge opportunity to have a Homeschool Coach available to you. Starting today, and running through October 31st…

I’m offering a 50 minute coaching session for just $50!!

Rough Landing Ahead!

If your entry into homeschooling was like mine, you may be off to a rocky start. With the overwhelming amount of information on the internet, advice from social media groups, and just trying to get through each day; your head might be spinning. Or worse, maybe you are ready to throw in the towel.

I’ve been a homeschooler for over 12 years, and have homeschooled three kids through Kindergarten, right on up to college. My journey is still filled with joy, and a whole lotta struggles.

I get it. There are days when it all seems impossible.

Are you are struggling with any of the following?

  • Beginning homeschooling,
  • Getting past the fear of homeschooling.
  • Figuring out curriculum. (how many have you bought and ditched?)
  • Putting a firm foundation in place.
  • Stuck in burnout.
  • Dealing with naysayers.
  • Homeschooling through highschool.
  • Planning out your day.
  • Setting Homeschool Goals.
  • Spouse/partner not on board with homeschooling.

If you are struggling, then Coaching at Your Fingertips is perfect for you!

October Coaching Sale


WHY am I doing this? 

Because I know how hard it is to begin, AND stay strong with homeschooling. As we move into the holidays, my heart is filled with gratitude from all I have learned from YOU, the homeschooling families who share their stories, struggles, and deep joys with me each year. December is a time when a lot of homeschoolers throw in the towel. My goal is to prepare you and your family to CONTINUE your homeschool journey with confidence and clarity.

Now I’m giving back with an amazing, steeply discounted coaching session.

What’s the catch?

No catches. Just you and me and 50 minutes of your time to gain clarity and confidence in your homeschooling. Okay-one small thing you must do before our coaching session…
Book your Discovery Call.

The Discovery Call is a FREE 20 minute video conference with me. I use this time to learn more about your needs, and where I might help you. Then at the 50 minute video coaching call, we can spend our time on problem SOLVING, rather than the problem!

It’s 1:1 coaching with me. It’s YOUR time for personalized care, help, and direction in YOUR homeschool.

What’s next?

  • Simply click the link above to book your discovery call on my booking page.
  • Once we complete your discovery call, I’ll send you the link for the 50/50 discount and more information about our coaching video chat session.

If you have friends interested in my coaching services, you can direct them to my Facebook page. Remember, as a subscriber to my list, you always get notified of new offers first.

Happy Homeschooling!


*Due to time constraints with a one-time coaching call, I am unable to do curriculum matching. Please see my Knee-Deep Coaching package if you need assistance with curriculum. 

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