Coaching at Your Fingertips

A new season is upon us, and I've been reflecting on how to meet more homeschoolers needs. How do I do that? Let's start with Coaching at Your Fingertips! This month- it's a huge opportunity to have a Homeschool Coach available to you. Starting today, and running...

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6 Tips to Wrap Up Your Homeschool Year

  It’s May and I’ve lost my mojo. I even doubled my caffeine intake to no avail. It seems most every homeschooling parent gets to a point when they need to wrap up their school year. Even those parents that homeschool year-round, feel the pull of spring in May;...

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Help for the Reluctant Writer

  Not all children like to write and there is a wide variety of skills and ages in which children become accomplished writers. There is help for the reluctant writer.  Here are some things you can do to help your homeschooler and other children who need writing...

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There is Beauty in Letting Go

There is beauty in letting go. This child. This one. Spunky, funny, quiet, helpful, determined, stubborn. She is her mama in so many ways, yet not. Yesterday, I was running my fingers through her chocolate brown, baby, wispy hair. It reminded me of Dandelion seeds...

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Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills

Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills When my oldest child was in fourth grade, the teacher conferences always led to conversations about lack of reading comprehension. I inquired multiple times how I could teach reading comprehension skills to my child. Diagnosed...

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Beverly Burgess is an author, Homeschool Coach and inspirational speaker. With over a decade of homeschooling experience and leadership, she loves serving the homeschool community. She is a mom to three homeschooled kids, and lives in Rhode Island with her husband and children.

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