4 Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

Clearing the Clutter Homeschooling, managing a home, working, and trying to control clutter can seem like a nightmare. The piles of things creep up on us and soon we are overwhelmed with stuff surrounding us. When your house is cluttered with material things, it...

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6 Ways a Homeschool Coach Can Help You!

Have you ever wondered about Homeschool Coaching? Or maybe you've never even heard of a Homeschool Coach? Learn 6 ways a homeschool coach can help you today! I was responding to a question on a Facebook page I belong to, and someone messaged me and asked, "What can a...

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Stop Quizzing My Homeschooler!

It will eventually happen to all homeschoolers. The quizzing of your children by family and friends. If it happens at family events or outings with friends, it may make you want to scream from the rooftops, "Stop quizzing my homeschooler !" This week for Homeschool Q...

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Homeschooling With No Support

Homeschooling With No Support In our weekly Homeschool Q & A, Marnie from Nevada writes, "I’m ready to quit homeschooling. I have no support. My husband doesn’t disapprove of homeschooling, but does nothing to help. No one helps with housework, everything feels...

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Deschooling-What Is It?

  Deschooling-What is it and does your homeschool need to use it? Deschooling-What is it and does your homeschool need to use it? Deschooling is a common term for those who have been homeschooling for a while. But for new homeschoolers, or those just starting...

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Beverly Burgess is an author, Homeschool Coach and inspirational speaker. With over a decade of homeschooling experience and leadership, she loves serving the homeschool community. She is a mom to three homeschooled kids, and lives in Rhode Island with her husband and children.

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