I love storytelling...

I love to hear stories from other parents who have traveled difficult roads to find great success in homeschooling.

We learn so much about one another through our life stories and experiences. We learn so much when we speak our own truth.

I love parents willing to take big risks in getting past their fears about homeschooling.

The ones who value their children’s education by using any means necessary to reach success.

I’m talking about parents who have the guts to try new (big) things, the hutzpah to stick it out when things get hard, the strength to get back up when they invariably fall-down, and parents who have buckets of gratitude for every learning opportunity that presents itself.

My name is Beverly Burgess and I’m your international secular Homeschool Coach & Consultant. That’s the official “title” but really, I like to think of myself as an “Homeschool Strategist,” for those who are upping their skills and tired of the educational roller-coaster for their children.

So what about me?

I have three amazingly weird and wild children, all at various stages in their life. My oldest graduated as an English major from a small liberal arts college in Vermont. My middle daughter is a United States Marine, and is pretty bad-ass in all she tackles in life. My youngest is in his second year of highschool at home. He adores video editing, and is self-professed MacGyver (remember that TV series?), by trade.

My husband has been my partner in crime since our highschool days, and for the past twenty-nine years. I have dreams of moving to a farm, but for now we live with an array of both yard and house pets, and try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to grow organic vegetables. Mostly, I plant seeds in my green house and watch them not grow, because playing in the dirt shouldn’t be just for kids!

I love writing.

I love homeschooling.

I love creating new things.

I consider it a miracle that I get to be involved with all three every day.

P.S. I hoard homeschool curriculum.

No, really I do.

What I’m passionate about is coaching new homeschooling families—being the person to help families realize their own skills, talents, and deep bravery, when it comes to homeschooling.

But the success of any homeschooling family doesn’t just lie with the coach.

Great coaches know that families have many different needs, and help to them to craft a vision of home education that suits their lifestyle, and own philosophy of education, even when they are not sure what that looks like.

Great coaches help families find their own power, help them plan the future, and help them live in the moment, to maximize their child’s potential.

Together, we’ll remove obstacles and devise strategies that will help empower you to transcend any challenge that makes its way into your path.

So who am I?

Early on, I was an Intensive Care Unit Nurse and held advanced certification in Neurosurgical and Critical Care Nursing. But when I got to the point where my oldest was struggling in school, was miserable, and failing most subjects; I had to make changes, and FAST. Add in a diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome, and well, things came crashing down pretty hard for our family. I learned all I could about Tourette’s, and about homeschooling, and then those two worlds collided perfectly.

I grew up in Connecticut in a large, Brady Bunch type family. Although, we never had a maid named Alice!

Where To Find Me…

I spent over seven years as the Executive Director a large non-profit homeschooling group in New England. It became a place for me to mentor thousands of families through the years, and customize homeschooling plans for their unique needs.

I’ve had the deep honor of being featured in the following venues.

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After more than a decade involved in the homeschooling world and helping homeschooling families, my book, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey, became a reality. Part memoir, part homeschool how-to blueprint for homeschoolers, Out of the Box Learning is an essential guide for both experienced and brand new homeschoolers.

Bev is available for group workshops, individual & group coaching, and keynote speaking.

Email her at [email protected] for information and price quote.


Book Review

I have never read an “educational resource book” that made me cry, get angry, and cheer for a student like I did for Pat. We had many similar experiences with my youngest while she attended public school and I guess I never really let those emotions out; until I started reading. It was cathartic. Your generosity in sharing your family’s educational journey reassured me in so many ways, and is going to be such a gift for the families that read it. Your epilogue brought me to tears again. It was so personal, unexpected, and an incredible reminder that at the end of the day, perhaps this homeschool journey is as much about our education as parents, as it is about teaching our kids.




Homeschooling can seem overwhelming, and the journey to home education is not always easy. Whether you are new to homeschooling or well-experienced, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey, has something for everyone.

Join me as I share my own story of heartbreak, joy, chaos, perseverance, and finally, success; on the muddy path to homeschooling.

Out of the Box Learning is both heartfelt memoir, and step-by-step guide to alternative learning through homeschooling. Out of the Box Learning will inspire readers to rethink the landscape and purpose of education, when we fully trust our kids as inherent learners.



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