Have you ever wondered about Homeschool Coaching?

Or maybe you’ve never even heard of a Homeschool Coach? Learn 6 ways a homeschool coach can help you today!

I was responding to a question on a Facebook page I belong to, and someone messaged me and asked, “What can a homeschool coach do for me?”

This person went on to note that the internet is full of free advice and people willing to share that advice, so why should she hire me?

It is true. There is tons of free advice out there, but working with a homeschool coach can bring a fresh perspective to your homeschool.

Here are 6 Ways a Homeschool Coach can help you bring your homeschool from overwhelm to outstanding.

1| Results vs. Random Information

Picture it. You are struggling with a particular area of homeschooling, and you post a question to social media. 197 people respond! Each with a different viewpoint, curriculum recommendations, and philosophies about home education that may, or may not agree with yours. Then you spend the next 4 days google searching all the advice, from getting a new diagnosis for your child, to switching to Math-U-See, to cutting out red food dye. 130 people more give you curriculum recommendations that neither fit your religious stance, budget, philosophy, or needs of your child. Then you post the question to five more social media groups hoping for better advice, and the same thing happens. Your head is spinning, you are right back where you started, and you are ready to throw in the towel and quit homeschooling.

Homeschool coaches do far more then give advice. In fact, that’s a very tiny piece of what we do. Homeschool coaches help bring results to your homeschool, to unlock what has been holding you back.  Instead of random information, we apply that knowledge to YOUR individual situation. We collaborate with you, to set a plan in place, not just for today, but for future years. Each coaching session helps bring clarity to your homeschool goals, and gets you out of deep frustration. Homeschool coaching leaves the parent in charge, but provides 1:1 support and results, specific to YOUR needs. Homeschool coaches have the credibility, experience, and backing for results driven coaching.

2| Convenience

You could spend hours scouring the internet for something that will help your homeschool. Do you have time for that? I’ve been down the rabbit hole MANY times before and have popped back up empty handed.

A Homeschool Coach provides the convenience of finding exactly what you need in a short amount of time. How many curriculum have you looked at or tried? If you are like most homeschoolers you’ve dropped a dime or two on a curriculum you barely used, and regretted every minute of it. I have a complete database of over 1800 curricula and custom match your child’s and families needs to the curriculum, and an extensive questionnaire that helps me narrow down choices.

Each coaching session brings us closer to results. I recently had a client that spent over $3500 on curriculum. She had tried so many and tossed them aside. At the same time she was reluctant to spend the money on a coaching session, but did so anyway. In under 2 sessions we had worked out a new plan for her child that was a combination of both text books and unschooling. It was a perfect match. Her only regret was that she didn’t try a coach sooner.

Have you ever started a new business and searched endlessly for that one tidbit of information to master the technology you are using? And then you run into a coach who in 3 seconds flat solves ALL your problems with the technology? It may be the way it was presented, or they might have resources for an app that works better, or even suggest a new technique you haven’t heard of. Then you sit back and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner? Yup! I’ve been there too. That’s exactly what Homeschool Coaching provides.

 3| The Step-By-Step Process

Homeschool coaches can’t fix all of your concerns with homeschooling, but we can help you when you are not sure where to turn. We focus on the process of reaching your goals, working through problem areas, and making changes that will provide positive impact on your homeschooling.

Raw information that is given to new homeschoolers is not enough and seasoned homeschoolers have likely tried everything, and don’t know where to turn. Raw information is like trying to put new furniture together. You need both the manual and the step-by-step directions to get it done properly in a way that works for you.

Just as you would consider a personal trainer to get in shape, a homeschool coach can do the same. If you are feeling like you are running into brick walls, a coach may be just the thing you need to get past that hurdle.

Considering homeschooling?-Yup! Look at your state laws, follow them, file paperwork, pick curriculum. That’s the usual advice given, but there is a whole bunch of information in between there. And what if you don’t want to use textbooks? What then? Homeschool coaches provide clear paths whether you are just starting your journey, or have been at it for some time. What if you are struggling with special needs, or family circumstances that are disrupting homeschooling? What if no matter what you have tried, it’s still not working?

Homeschool coaches help with the nitty-gritty details that you may be missing, as well as the broader picture of homeschooling.

4| Coaches Provide the Missing Pieces

You’ve just started your homeschool journey. You’re learning the lingo and trying to make sense of it all. But there is sooooo much to consider. When you are brand new to homeschooling, you don’t even know what you don’t know. What questions do you ask? What do you do when you follow all the advice and recommendations and it’s still not working?

Or maybe you are in a new phase of homeschooling like the highschool years, and want to provide a firm foundation for moving forward. Coaches provide the missing pieces to help round out your homeschool, and can dive deep into finding your sticking points.

5| Accountability & Motivation

Here’s the thing. Research shows that when you pay for a course or even coaching, you are more likely to use the services provided to you. How often did you use that free gym membership? I’m guessing you went more often when you had to pay for the membership, then when it was free.

Even as a homeschool coach, I have a business coach. She helps me strategize and plan for the future. Her help is invaluable when I have blinders on, or am just missing a part to the puzzle. She’s someone I can bounce ideas off of, and she challenges me with hard questions that I need to give some thought to. She finds what I’m looking for FAST. How? She has years of experience, has been where I’ve been, isn’t afraid to give me some tough love AND she celebrates my victories.

I’m also part of a business membership mastermind group. I pay a monthly fee for ongoing support and direction. In turn, the group provides monthly bundles for my professional development. I get workbooks, videos, 1:1 and group support, and access to a private facebook page. It’s been invaluable to me. Business coaching is an investment I make and commit to every single month, because I want to provide outstanding service to my clients. My business group helps get me there.

If you are interested in that as a homeschooler, check out my Homeschool for Success Membership Program.   Each month we cover a different topic via video, group coaching, workbooks, a meditation and inspirational graphic to keep you motivated. The conversation continues on a private Facebook page. It’s the perfect program for those needing more support and guidance. And, I have many extra bonuses like my transcript template, homeschool planner, and checklists for everything you can think of.

6| The Secret Sauce

expertLet’s face it. Homeschooling is hard work. There are days when it’s an absolute joy, and other days when you want to curl up in the closet because it’s all going wrong. It’s nice to know that someone is there for expert help when you need it. Working with a homeschool coach gives you their unique perspective, their heart and soul, their results driven process, and the secret sauce for getting it all done. It’s a place where 1:1 coaching can provide exactly what your homeschool needs. Group coaching can provide just as much insight, and in fact may expose you to other methods and avenues to homeschooling you might not hear about otherwise.

Homeschool coaches have years of experience. Having thirty collective years of homeschooling my own kids, I’ve seen most everything and tried most everything a homeschooler could ever think of! Many of us belong to professional organizations, freelance write for magazines, provide webinars, speak at conferences, blog, do keynote speaking, and continually work to improve our coaching skills and services.

Homeschool coaches can help bring your homeschool from overwhelm to outstanding. They are a soft place to land when you are feeling all alone on this journey.

Still not sure about working with a homeschool coach? Book your free 20 minute discovery call today, and let’s chat. Discovery call

Happy Homeschooling!



Beverly is a homeschool coach and consultant working with clients in the U.S and abroad. She is a columnist at Homeschool Life Magazine, freelance writer, and member of the Women’s Speaker Association. Her book, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey, can be found in all the big box bookstores. Bev lives in Rhode Island with her husband and three children.


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