6 Tips to Wrap Up Your Homeschool Year

It’s May and I’ve lost my mojo. I even doubled my caffeine intake to no avail. It seems most every homeschooling parent gets to a point when they need to wrap up their school year. Even those parents that homeschool year-round, feel the pull of spring in May; the need to be done. Here are 6 Tips to Wrap Up Your Homeschool Year.

Homeschooling parents can quickly be overcome with the amount of material that’s accumulated throughout a long and creative homeschool year. Wrapping up the year can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to get that clutter off your kitchen counter and put the homeschooling year to bed.

1. File end of year paperwork. Be sure to file any end of year paperwork required in your district.  Evaluations, portfolios, or other measures of progress, as well as letters of intent to homeschool, may be due now. Spend some time and get those out of the way so you can enjoy the summer days….

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Beverly Burgess, Homeschool Coach & Consultant has over a decade of experience mentoring and coaching homeschoolers both in the U.S. and abroad. She is available for keynote speaking, 1:1 and group coaching and workshops. She blogs and contributes homeschooling article to Homeschool Life Magazine and lives in Rhode Island with her family.
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