If you’ve landed here, you are likely exploring homeschooling for your children.

I help parents just like you from all over the world — who are feeling at a loss of where to start homeschooling, who are overwhelmed and/or discouraged on their home education journey; to gain the confidence, know-how, and support, for a successful homeschool experience.

I’m an international Secular Homeschooling Coach, and I’m here to help make YOUR Homeschooling experience, all it can be!

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You are a parent who is trying desperately to figure this homeschooling thing out…but somehow with the overwhelming amount of internet information, parenting advice, and public school mindset; you may be stuck on where to even begin.

Let’s face it, social media and homeschool groups can only offer up so much advice, and none of it will be customized or suited to YOUR children or YOUR homeschool.

If you are exploring homeschooling, you are likely committed to helping your child in their homeschooling journey, but either you’re not sure how to start, you’ve hit the proverbial brick wall, or you’re at a loss of how to finish strong.

What every parent wants, is to help their child be all they can be.

Maybe you’ve been holding back because you are terrified that you might mess up their education. You might even worry about special needs, or the highschool years, or maybe you just want to know that someone is there to provide some direction, and support along the way.

The homeschool journey can seem scary, and overwhelming.

We all worry about our children’s education.

But, there is help for struggling families.

It’s time to get clear about your fears, and where you need help.

– Are you excited to start homeschooling, but can’t seem to take the leap?

– Do you have analysis paralysis with too many choices of curriculum, methods, and where to begin homeschooling?

– Do you wish that you had access to an experienced secular coach, who could answer all your homeschooling questions?

      – Is your partner or spouse opposed to homeschooling?

What ever struggles you are having with homeschooling, can be helped with a homeschool coach. 


If you have any of the above thoughts, you are not alone.

I Get It. I’ve been at rock bottom with my kid’s education.

As a mom of three kids – I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with teaching, worrying about special needs, and wondering just how much I might ruin my kid’s future by homeschooling them.

I know what it’s like to leave the “safety” of public school; where your child’s education has always been someone else’s responsibility.

Now their education is on your shoulders, and that’s a scary place to be.

Homeschoolers balance it all; households, lesson plans, kid’s sports, and some still work outside the home! How will you ever manage it all, and provide a top-notch learning experience for your kids?



As a military family, we move around so much so that public school is not an option for us. Homeschooling has been the best choice. But after several years of moving and trying to manage it all, I was feeling burnt out, and ready to quit. Bev’s coaching helped me set clear goals for myself and my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about homeschooling! Her calm, collected nature, as well as her years of experience, make her a powerhouse in the homeschooling world.

She has a way of narrowing in on the matter at heart, and getting rid of all the noise that distracts. I left feeling confident and uplifted. If you are struggling on your homeschool journey, call Bev. It’s a decision I’m so glad I made.

– Andrea in Dubai



Homeschooling shouldn’t feel like an episode of Survivor.

As a mother, long-time homeschooler, homeschool group leader, former Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse, and now as a Homeschooling Coach and published author; I know that home education isn’t about getting it perfect at all. It’s about building your family relationship, and nurturing your child’s love of learning.

What I finally figured out was, that I could share in my children’s learning, and build our relationship at the same time. Homeschooling became inspirational when I focused on my children’s gifts, rather than their shortcomings. Through the years, I was overwhelmed with advice from well-meaning people, and from exploring THOUSANDS of websites on homeschooling. I had no idea where to begin and spent so much time trying to figure it all out. Support systems were few, information was overwhelming, and none of it seemed to fit our family’s unique needs.

Finding a support system for homeschooling is not easy. The internet is filled with information and social media groups, but homeschoolers tend to give advice and support from a place of what has worked for THEM. Finding accurate information and a safe place to land is paramount to a successful homeschool experience.

But where do you begin?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to find secular support, inspiration, and a personalized plan always within reach of your homeschool?

Homeschooling for Success

These days, I don’t worry so much about homeschooling. I’ve put aside the fears and worries that home educating my child sometimes brings. I’ve successfully transitioned one child through college and a career, my middle child is a United States Marine, and my teenager at home has a big, juicy future ahead of him; all because I chose to homeschool them.

I moved beyond the fear, and it paid off BIG.

I’d love to be your Homeschooling Coach, where we can work together to personalize a homeschooling plan for YOUR family. A place where we can walk through the challenges, and celebrate the successes, so that you are empowered and confident in your homeschooling journey.

It’s time to put fear and overwhelm aside.

It’s time to put your goals into action, and begin your homeschooling journey.

New homeschoolers sometimes don’t know where to begin. In the very beginning stages of homeschooling, you may not even be sure of which questions to ask, or where you need help. My coaching services can help you put a plan in place for inspired homeschool success.

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Homeschooling can seem overwhelming, and the journey to home education is not always easy. Whether you are new to homeschooling or well-experienced, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey, has something for everyone.

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Out of the Box Learning is both heartfelt memoir, and step-by-step guide to alternative learning through homeschooling. Out of the Box Learning will inspire readers to rethink the landscape and purpose of education, when we fully trust our kids as inherent learners.



Nothing is more important than your children’s home education.

Make the decision today to put fear aside, and work with a homeschool coach.

Together, we will put a strong foundation in place and help you to make your dream of homeschooling come true!

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